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Japanese Meditation Gardens

I turned our old swimming pool into a relaxing
Zen Japanese Meditation Garden


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If you are not sure what to do with your old swimming pool, this is a great back yard idea. Transform your old swimming pool designs into a newly designed Meditation Garden and swim into Zen.

In its previous existence our meditation garden used to be a swimming pool. However, because of insufficient use and high up-keep costs I decided to re-incarnate it into a Japanese Zen-type meditation garden.

I hired John, a landscape architect to come up with scaled drawings. I did not know it at the time but as we worked together I discovered that he also meditated. After a few minor changes to the plan we were able to come up with a design that I liked and that would not be cost prohibitive.

Searching the web I discovered a company that imported granite lanterns and fountains, also bamboo gates and screens from both China and Japan. John and I worked together to find the pieces that would best fit into the design. As I did not want a lot of weeding and upkeep we decided to limit foliage to just two bamboo plants.

The architect suggested a landscape contractor, Tom, who had worked successfully with him in building the actual settings that John had created for using fountains and decorative walkways at pool-sides and in atriums at various businesses such as banks and medical facilities.

John knew the specifications on how to fill-in a pool so that once finished the garden would not collapse in on itself every time it rained, but Tom had only helped to build pools – not tear them apart. So the three of us took time to sit at my kitchen table a couple of times and figure out how to complete the project, not only at a reasonable price, but also in a practical time-frame.

An interesting side-light came when Tom, not knowing of the Tarot, made the normal cuttings into the concrete walkway. Quite by chance he made a total of 44 sections. 4 minus 4 equals nothing – it was from nothing that Spirit created the universe. 4 plus 4 equals eight – the Tarot indicates that eight is the number of regeneration and balance of opposing forces. It betokens the death of the old, evil or wrong, and makes way for the new, pure and just. 4 by itself – is the number of reality, logic and reason – mind, body and spirit.

Having signed the necessary contracts and having the utmost faith in both John and Tom I then left for England to participate in my second Crop Circle investigation and to attend the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Science for a class in Mediumship and Spiritual Development. Upon my return four weeks later the swimming pool had been transformed into a delightful meditation garden.

In two of the photographs you can see the blue stone sitting in the bamboo pot – that is the blue stone from which Bluestone was named. It is here in the garden that I have received most of the material that I’ve channeled … these entities include: EMIL, JAMES, BUDDHA, JESUS, ATHENA and seven others.

It is in this delightful setting that I meditate most every day. As I pass the large bell hanging from the wooden structure in the middle section of the walkway I tap its’ three sides gently so that the sound resonates until I reach the bench. Then sitting on the bench and both facing and hearing the water fall into the fountain I begin to meditate. Occasionally I will strike a singing bowl for it echoes beautifully throughout the garden.


Meditation Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Zen Gardens          Meditation Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Zen Gardens          Meditation Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Zen Gardens




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